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​He won! He did it! And he made it! 

I woke up at three o’clock in the morning to the very exhilarating news on last night’s Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 pageant in Manila. 

What could be a better shoutout than this: Jason Bruce Martin was crowned as Gentleman of the Philippines 2016 – Worldwide, together with six other equally important title-holders who will all be competing at their respective international pageants overseas? 

Jason also cropped two special awards during last night’s pageant at the Trinity University of Asia Theater: Mister Congeniality 2016 and Best Advocacy Speaker 2016. During prepageant events, he was awarded as Mister HeA Watch 2016 and Mister Online Travel Express 2016.

I admit to being verbose in most of the times I pray to God. But this morning, I was at a loss for words, and it was one of those few times where all that came out of my mouth were: “Thank you, God! Thank you, Lord! My God, thank you so much!” 

And because I was alone and literally crying rivers of joy and pride and deeply feeling thankful to God whom I wished I could give a tight hug, I just rolled my foam and perceived it to be Him. 

Last night, I went to church and offered the Mass to him. I prayed, “Lord, this is all for Jason Martin. Thank you.” 

Congratulations to you, Jason Martin! Wish I were there to witness your winning moment and to share the glory. I can’t be prouder of you, man. Thank you very much for doing your best and all for the love of your people in the Gold Coast, Queensland, Australia, and us here in Cebu.

To the Men&Muses and AD Models Philippines Homme et Femme executive director, Dexter Alazas, congratulations too. I am very proud to be part of the team.

To God be the Glory! 

Jason Martin: Gentleman of the Philippines 2016 – Worldwide  (Photo: Eduard Eraña)