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​​Today, I climbed back to the Divine Mercy Shrine to thank the nuns properly and personally for their contribution to the victory of my friend Jason Bruce Martin who was crowned as Gentleman of the Philippines 2016 – Worldwide during Sunday night’s male pageant in Manila. 

Last week, I was here, beseeching them (on the left: Sister Nora and Sister Terry) to pray for Jason—which they did every day until the finals. 

I know that they weren’t expecting anything in return as they knelt every dawn delivering our prayer requests and supplications to God. 

But as someone who believes in the power of intercession and possesses a great sense of gratitude, it’s just right that I remember the key people who played a low-key yet major role in this success. 

Sister Dolly (on the right) is with a different order in another town. But when I texted her several hours prior to the competition to ask for her prayer, she replied and said that she’s going to pray for my friend Jason from the time the show would start down to the announcement of winners. 

Wasn’t that sweet? I remember feeling so moved to tears upon reading her reply while on a jeepney going to church. 

Win or lose, I would still remember to thank these definitely beautiful women for everything. They’re the ones who deserve to be enskied the most because, in the first place, they are genuine people having no ulterior motives whatsoever.