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​”Hi, Ariel! 

This is Jason Bruce Martin’s mum. I wish to send you my appreciation. You deserve a standing ovation. Genuine: that’s how I can describe my gratitude to you. I really like your attitude. How could I ever thank you for what you’ve done for my son, Jason—for all the help—through his campaign and advocacy for Gentlemen of the Philippines? Let me just say: thanks a million from the bottom of my heart. Wish you only the very best in life. God bless you always. 

Kind regards, 

Alicia Martin 💜 💙 💚”

What a heartwarming message Alicia Hinos Martin, the mother of our country’s representative to the Mister Worldwide 2016 pageant in Florida, USA, later this year!

Indeed, a mother knows best, because even if she might not have a clue or two as to all the time, the energy, and the efforts that I went through with Jason Martin to help her son on the road to the recently concluded Gentlemen of the Philippines 2016 pageant in Manila, those were exactly the words I longed to hear, without expecting, for me to say for myself: “I must’ve done something good.” 

I read the message around the same time that the competition in Manila should already be starting and I was in my room, teary-eyed, having attended the Sunday Mass which I offered to her son and taken my sleeping pill, bed-bound, yielding Jason’s fate to God as I was in deep slumber. 

To Alicia who’s writing from Australia, you are very much welcome. I thank you, too, for the kind words which have boosted my confidence in continuing to support your son in his bid to the Mister Worldwide 2016 pageant. 

I should say that you’re one of the best moms in the world because from the Filipino Community of the Gold Coast in Australia, look where your son is now: representing the entire country to Mister Worldwide. 

What a feather in your cap. Congratulations and God bless!

Mother and Son: Lovely Lady from the Gold Coast, Alicia Martin, and Gentleman of the Philippines 2016 – Worldwide Jason Martin