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​Such is a beam of euphoria which Jason Bruce Martin is officially wearing with the crown and the sash after clinching the Gentleman of the Philippines 2016 – Worldwide title. 

He was chosen as one of the seven hunks extraordinaire during the first Gentlemen of the Philippines search held Sunday night in Quezon City. 

All the winners are bound to fly overseas to compete at their international pageants, respectively, and our Jason Martin is US-bound in December to gun for the Mister Worldwide 2016 title. 

I hate to regret, but as Jason Martin’s mentor, now I say how I wish that I could turn back time and be present at the Trinity University of Asia theater to show my support and for a more meaningful reason at that. 

During our Q&A workshops prior to his departure for the national competition, I always told him, “I’ll do my best to be able to see the pageant in Manila, because I confidently know that you will win, and I want to be there letting out the loudest cheer from the audience. Most importantly, I want to witness your winning moment.” 

This is the hearty smile that I missed that night—when our Men&Muses protege Jason Martin reaped the fruits of his labor and hard work, winning the crown, bagging four special awards: Mister HeA Watch 2016, Mister Online Travel Express 2016, Mister Congeniality 2016, and Best Advocacy Speaker 2016. 

Loads of thanks to Dr. Rolex Omega of Omega Dental Clinic on the second floor of Coco Mall for having a gentle hand in the million-dollar smile that our Gentleman of the Philippines 2016 – Worldwide is wearing here all the way to Florida later this year. 

Newly crowned Gentleman of the Philippines 2016 – Worldwide Jason Martin flashes Dr. Rolex Omega’s pearly whites. (Photo Credit: Joy Arquil)