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​As I say au revoir to my hometown for this week, I thank the Lord for another wonderful two days of rest and rejuvenation. 

I can’t ask for more. Just as long as I’m able to come home to Malabuyoc every week and get to spend my days off with my family, I’m all content. 

But who doesn’t want to take a few minutes off your household chores loafing away the afternoon here—not just Googling or scrolling down on various craps on Facebook News Feed thanks to the superfluities of life like free Wi-Fi and free mobile data? 

It is my hope that someday, someone will invite me to spend his afternoon on this bench, just the two of us—phones turned off, books closed, your mouths shut up—sliding and slithering with sweet nothings between us until the night is over. 

Wouldn’t that be lovely?