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​It doesn’t take a fraud analyst to be able to differentiate genuine people from the phonies, because even long before I got certified in this line of business, I already had that sense of an expert, especially when relating to people outside. 

And it breaks my heart, to say the least, just thinking that more often than not, of all the people, it is the ones whom I care about most and have grown to love more and more each day are those leading me up the garden path. 

I am seriously saddened, especially when I begin thinking of all the good times shared, and I am afraid to put a stop to those only because I’ve been lied to once or twice. 

I’m someone who values friendship and all relationships at that, but if my gut feeling starts telling me that one of the dearest people I’m sharing it with is actually playing on me for reasons that only they know, I can only cry my heart out and pray for the best. 

I’m not losing my faith, though. But just because I’m posting this here doesn’t mean I intend to air my dirty linen in public. I’m not like that, of all the things you can call me. I’m just not ready enough to address this directly to whom it may concern, because there hasn’t been enough time, let alone the courage to do so. 

What’s most saddening is that it seems to me now that all of those sweet nothings said are pure lip service, and what’s frightening is that I do not know whether there’s still some space left in me for another pack of sweet nothings to be delivered either via SMS or whatnot. We can lie—or tell white lies, for security or safety or, say, for bureaucratic reasons. 

But to someone who treats you fairly, accordingly, and dearly, where did you find such nerve to do so? If, at this point, you have a feeling that it’s you, for it should only be you who know what you’ve said and done which you shouldn’t have or what you haven’t said and done which you should have, I have all the time in the world for a nice and peaceful talk, especially with important people like you. 

Have a blessed Sunday, everyone. God bless!