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​Yesterday’s “Art of Hablon” was not just another garden-variety fashion show held at the poolside of Circa 1900 Casa Dos Cebu. 

Featured designer was Hablon advocate Dexter Alazas, who showcased the brand AMANO featuring real but really beautiful people wearing his creations made of handwoven fabrics from Argao, Cebu. 

Dexter’s first line of apparel of ready-to-wear handbags, doll shoes, and sandals will soon be followed by other products that are all endemic in Cebu, he said.

Donning his AMANO collection were some of Cebu’s social entrepreneurs, successful career women, two guest models from AD Models Philippines Homme et Femme, and the Uptown Junior Chamber International president Joe France Canizares, who’s also an AD model. 

The gorgeous facade and stairs of the ancestral Circa 1900 Casa Dos provided a perfect backdrop for the afternoon fashion gala which was attended by family and friends of the models, and captured by bloggers and members of the press who were present to cover the show. 

“It’s an honor to finally have a lot of support for Hablon with its advocacy and promotion. People are becoming aware of what we’re talking about. Soon, with the help of more benevolent Cebuanos, the Hinablon will reach the mainstream. With yesterday’s intimate gathering of women who share our belief in the cause, a new promise of hope is coming,” Dexter Alazas expresses confidence.