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​This is the third gown which I’m proud to say I’ve sewn on my own, all by hand, without a smidgen of knowledge of dressmaking or fashion designing, only an LBD (little black dress) courtesy of my friends Vanessa Jabel Silorio Suhr Mae Angela Cabangal and twelve meters of black French tulle. As the annual Cebu-based Queen pageant was fast approaching, I kept mulling over what to wear, whom to resemble, how to glide from the plush lobby of the posh Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino and to make sexy long strides towards the Pacific Grand Ballroom’s exciting entrance. I knew I was not one of the candidates, but would it hurt someone if I made a little effort gussying up while applauding the more beautiful Queen 2015 contestants onstage? 

Makeup by yours truly, Ariel Allera