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​There was nothing special about last night, really. 

For what it’s worth, I just had dinner with Daniel Matsunaga during “Dinner with the Stars” at Pino Restaurant in Lahug. 

Excited that the dinner was scheduled for five o’clock in the afternoon, I arrived thirty minutes earlier and was ushered by the most welcoming waiter into the room where, ten minutes later, I met the host, who is the ever gorgeous and accommodating Aida Patana of M-Talents & Events. 

Aida told me: “You just stay there in that table, where you will be joined by Daniel and the rest of the stars in a few minutes. Is your friend Dexter Alazas coming over here?”

I said yes. 

Aida Patana herself is one of the stars, in that she makes them and builds up their career, including that of her own daugher Stephanie Mananquil who was preparing for her star-studded concert, where Daniel Matsunaga was invited as one of the special guests, later that night at the Pacific Grand Ballroom of the Waterfront Cebu City Hotel & Casino.  

Photographers feasted their cameras on the hunky Brapanese (read: Brazilian Japanese) model who’s currently one of the Philippines’s most visible television personalities and movie actors. 

After finishing my plate and taking my share of selfies with Daniel, I left the table and hopped from one old friend to more old friends in the showbiz industry, and then, to many new friends in the house.     
A bunch of thanks to Dexter Alazas for inviting me to come over, especially to Aida Patana for the warm welcome and for showcasing her daughter Stephanie Mananquil’s singing prowess in front of Cebuano audience. 

This blogger, Ariel Allera, with Daniel Matsunaga at Pino Restaurant in Lahug, Cebu City 

Daniel Matsunaga with this blogger, Ariel Allera, at Pino Restaurant, Lahug, Cebu City