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​I dote on Regine Velasquez for three or more reasons: first, her kindness during each of my personal encounters with her; second, her singing prowess which will surely take me forever to discuss; third, the fact that she’s a great actress as well. 

Not only have I listened to practically all of her songs, but I’ve also watched every movie she’s in. 

Nine years ago, I was one of the first in the queue at the theater where our Asia’s Songbird and their Piolo Pascual’s movie titled “Paano Kita Iibigin” was “NOW SHOWING.” But I was the last one to finish wiping my tears as the story was ending.     

As far as I remember, what I found to be the most tear-jerking scene would’ve been when Lance (Piolo) says “I never got there” to Martee (Regine) who reveled in false hopes assuming that there’s a “theirs” between them. 

Note to all the guys I loved before but hurt me more: that’s exactly how you made me feel and what you made me do for all you care. 

Which is exactly why I don’t want to call that as my favorite scene in that movie. 

This video I’m sharing contains what I can call as such in “Paano Kitang Iibigin,” which also happens to be one of my favorite movies of all time. So, if you catch me looking so immersed in my phone these days at the cafeteria during lunch break, I’m probably watching this particular scene over and over again more than her concert videos. 

The lines tickle me to a T, especially when Lance asks Martee: “Am I hurting you . . . again?”—saying sorry, admitting that because he’s just been hurting her too much, he fears that he’s hurting her again, telling her that he deserves it if ever she can’t forgive him. 

Just click the link as well as its continuation which I will share in the comment field below (if I’ll figure how): to understand what I mean.