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​Today I just felt I needed one hour off alone to decompress after yesterday’s bustling celebration of my niece Savannah’s third birthday and all its busy preparation, but I was lucky to buddy up with three hot French backpackers. 

My favorite pool with the best temperature was being cleaned up and emptied for the day, and the next best one was filled with Tagalog-speaking tourists. So I had no other choice but only the second to the hottest, where these altogether handsome guys were kicking up their heels in a language only they could gather but I found very interesting. 

“Hi! Welcome to Mainit Springs and my home town of Malabuyoc!” I greeted Rafik Khelifi, who seemed to be the first one to notice my presence in the pool. He’s the one in red shorts, on my right. 

He told me as we went on and on with our conversation that his place of origin is the African country of Algeria but he’s practically from France though he flew in from London, England, where he’s currently based as a banker. 

Then I did the same to Pierre (extreme right), to whom I told, “You look like the actor Justin Long.” 

Later on, I realized that what I said was an understatement, because this Pierre Denis from Paris who’s temporarily based in London too as a banker looks a touch sexier than that Justin in Hollywood. But what I think makes my new friend more attractive is that he’s quite engaging as a conversationalist. 

Girl, you should’ve seen Pierre’s eyes in person. They’re too enchanting I couldn’t even get my own eyes off of them. 

Then there’s this Martinique-born but now France-based French friend with the most bewitching smile. His name is Bastien Voyer, and he’s the hot Caucasian on my left. 

I silently thanked the forces of the hot spring when he joined in my conversation with his buddies, because I instantly had a crush on him the very first second I spotted him enjoying the cold water flowing outside of the hot pool.