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​May this bunch of thanks reach all the way to far-flung Perpignan, France, especially to the giver, Nora Jadraque Libersalle, as she travels back there from a meaningful holiday in her birthplace, Malabuyoc! 

I can’t help feeling completely permeated with gratefulness for all that you see in the photo, to my friend Nora, because there’s an all-important event which I’m going to attend in two weeks and I need these to help me feel more confidently beautiful alongside my colleagues.

Yesterday, before I traveled back to Cebu City from my own weeklong vacation, she and I had a cultural conversation about France, her home for more than thirty years, where some of the hottest backpackers I’ve met come from. 

“Sa kadaghan nimong na-meet nga gwapo nga French sa bus or bisan asa, wala pajud ka naka-uyab, Ariel. Ngano man?” Nora asked. 

I choked, laughed, and answered, “It may be because that’s not what I’m dwelling on. I just want to make friends. And the reason why I’m so into foreigners is that I find them interesting to converse with and exciting to look at. I like an intelligent colloquy about different cultures, and I enjoy gazing at someone with totally different eye and hair color.” 

To Nora, thank you very much for being so kind and thoughtful. You have no idea how wide my smile was upon opening the bag in front of my beautiful niece Savannah who grabbed it from me because she wanted to be the first to use everything in it. 

God bless and bon voyage! 

Sephora Powder

Rimmel Stay Matte