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​From the opulent country of Luxembourg in Europe, these luxurious gifts came, much to my delight, courtesy of my friend Rosemarie Molina a.k.a. Truly Clovers during her last vacation to the country. 

Thank heavens that I was able to locate the SD card where I’d saved this photo which shows what I’m thankful for—Max & More makeup palettes, Max & More eyebrow palette, Max & More eyeliner pencils—to a dear friend from Malabuyoc, whose current hometown for twenty or so years is Luxembourg City. 

As with other friends coming home from overseas as well as every foreign backpacker I’ve met at random and then befriended on the spot, I had a very enriching conversation with Rosemarie, which seemed to observers as though I was grilling her on the luxury of life in Luxembourg, not to mention its culture, architecture, cost of living, etc. 

But more than all of the above that I’ve learned, every minute spent with Rosemarie during her homecoming to Malabuyoc was worth cherishing in that we’re both clueless as to when we’ll ever see each other again. 

It was such a nostalgic get-together, what with the good old days back then, before she flew out of the country to faraway Luxembourg and our best friends (the Chu sisters: Jecks Golrokh, Foxtail Lily, and SC Burris) to the United States. 

And it’s really funny that when we saw each other again, a few hours after she handed me these presents, she could no longer tell whether I was the same recipient, because the next thing that happened right after I started using them, I already differed dramatically from that friend of hers. 

Thank you, dear Rosemarie, for these makeup products, especially for being sweet and thoughtful. I hope to see you again. Continue to warm up the class with your smile and brighten up the faces of the children you teach and inspire every day. May God bless you and your family with peace, joy, and health. 

Once again, with feelings: thank you.