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​”My goodness, Nat! You are absolutely the hottest carpenter I have ever seen in my whole life, the second being Nicklas Pedersen who’s from Denmark and crowned as Mister World 2014 in England. I’m not saying that our carpenters here in the Philippines are ugly. But are all carpenters in your country as hot as you?” I reacted, to his answer to my question about his occupation back home in Australia. 

At around this time last night, this picture-book hottie from down under and I were on the same bus. He’s travelling to Cebu City after a day trek and tour at the Kawasan Falls in Badian, Cebu. 

I could feel that his limbs seemed drained of all energy, as he was asleep the first time I glanced at my side. But as soon as he opened his eyes, I melted in my seat. His eyes spoke volumes of pizzazz and depth that I couldn’t forgive myself if I let me be unnerved and did not get to know him. 

“Thank you, Ariel,” the hot six-foot-and-one-inch-tall Nat said. “I’m very flattered. I’ve never been so complimented.” 

I said, “Well, your neighbors, friends, and colleagues in Australia must be blind, if not mute. Why on earth has no one ever told you that!?” 

Nat Leach studies Bachelor of Business in the city of Melbourne while working as a carpenter whose specialty is framing. Incidentally, the Danish Mister World 2014 Nicklas Pedersen has worked in the same city as a carpenter, too. But, apparently, they’re not acquainted with each other. 

“Let me tell you something,” I said. “I’m looking at your face and body right now, and I see nothing but perfection. Look at yourself in the mirror. You’ve got perfect cheekbones, the delicious eyes, the best nose, an enviable bone structure, and all that it takes to become a model. Have you done some sort of modelling in Australia? If not, why don’t you give it a try? I know of someone there who’s in the industry. I can hook you up with him. You can also try joining pageants. You’re still twenty-one years old. Very young. Considering all of the above, representing Australia to an international male pageant is never impossible.” 

“I don’t think I will do that. I’m just not into it. I have other priorities, but modelling or joining pageants is not in the list,” the perfect model and beauty king material said. 

I told him about my passion for pageants. 

“No worries, Ariel. If ever I change my mind, I will let you know. And I want you to be my mentor then. We’ll keep in touch and see what’s going to happen,” he said, in jest. 

Australia’s Hottest Carpenter, Nat Leach, and this blogger, Ariel Allera, making friends on Ceres bus