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​If you’re a die-hard pageant devotee like me, it will take time for you to get over the Miss Universe fever, even long after its 65th pageant exactly one week ago in Manila, where a European bombshell named Iris Mittenaere from France walked away with the Miss Universe 2016 crown. 

And, yes, I know: It’s been three months already since I celebrated my birthday on Nov. 4, 2016, but I can still remember how surprised I was: when I was going over all those birthday greetings from friends on my Facebook Timeline and, lo and behold, one of them actually came from Miss Universe 1989 Angela Visser from Holland. 

Don’t get me wrong: every greeting meant a lot to me, and I thank you again for those, but I would be a hypocrite if I didn’t admit to being especially happy that a Miss Universe took time to greet me on the most beautiful day of my life. 

I thanked Angela via Facebook Messenger, and then we started exchanging messages as though I, too, is a former Miss Universe titleholder like herself. 

Our country has hosted the Miss Universe Pageant three times. The first time was in the seventies, in the year I was born, where the Spanish sweetheart named Amparo Munoz was crowned Miss Universe 1974. 

Twenty years later, India’s Sushmita Sen was crowned Miss Universe 1994 in Manila, where Angela Visser and Arthel Neville co-hosted with Bob Goen. 

To our dearest Miss Universe Angela Visser, let me repeat this, with more feelings: 

Thank you very much for touching my heart on my birthday. Your beauty is a given, and to say that you’re a beautiful woman inside and out is oversimplification. You’re more than that. But I’ll definitely have to look for the lexicographer who can teach me the exact word to show the universe how you’ve made me feel more confidently beautiful since then. May I ask your permission for me to have your greetings laminated and framed and then mounted on the wall? 

Thank you. 

Miss Universe 1989 Angela Visser 

Miss Universe 1989 Angela Visser