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The wounds on my left and right legs and feet have never stopped scathing since I took them from yesterday’s earthquake. But I am well. I just don’t know how to come to work in shorts in the coming days. After my doctor advised me against wearing pants until my wounds get dry, I couldn’t wait to go to the nearest department stores to buy decent shorts, but they’re all closed. Thank goodness that my niece Jenny Ann Allera Pimentel authorized me to check on her father’s cabinet in her apartment for what to wear. Otherwise, I’d be wearing boxers instead.

To a registered nurse and my good friend Ella Quinanola, thank you for dressing my wounds this morning. I am happy that I was able to hear last week’s anticipated Mass in Malabuyoc: I’m reminded that for whatever pain we’re experiencing we should be grateful because it’s the least we can do to partake in Jesus Christ’s suffering when he was crucified.

I know that I have a lot of friends out here and over there who care about me. Thank you from the bottom of my heart! I am especially touched by an American friend who, before I shared my story on my Timeline yesterday, sent a message saying that he heard about the earthquake and hoping I was O.K. Couldn’t have been more touched by a friend’s thoughtfulness and concern. Just the same, thanks to all of you for the love.

An ex boyfriend sent me a text message asking for a photo of my injuries. Much as I’d like to share it now, I can’t . . . because I’m just using my phone and I’m not in the pink to connect to the Internet. Most definitely, I will be posting my photo come weekend, when I get better off already, God willing.

May we all continue to grip our faith in God despite this traumatic experience, as we keep on praying that no more aftershocks are going to haunt our planet like a ghost. God bless Mother Earth!